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All Notes in the Scales:


not1Major Chords

Major chords consist of 1, 3 and 5 sounds of the major scale

not2Minor Chords

Minor chords are composed of the 1st, ♭3rd and 5th sounds of the Major sequence. ♭3; the third voice of the scale consists of half-voice giving up (flat).

not3Diminished Chords

Diminished chords consist of, 1st, ♭3rd and ♭5th sounds of the major scale. ♭3 and ♭5t the third and fifth tones of the scale are played by half the voice giving up (flat).

notAugmented Chords

Augmented chords consist of 1st, 3rd and #5th sounds of the major scale. The fifth voice of the scale is composed by playing a half-voice treble.

Examples for Notes

not-ex1C Major

C - E - G consists of notes.

not-ex2C Minor

C - Eb - G consists of notes.

not-ex3C Diminished

C - Eb - Gb consists of notes.

not-ex4C Augmented

C - E - G# consists of notes.