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Queen - The Millionaire Waltz - Chords

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Orginal Tone: F | Dm
Selected Tone: |Capo: 0

F   F  F  F
Gm  F  C  C  F  F  Bb  A  Dm  Gm  C  Bb
F                           Dm
Bring out the charge of the love brigade
           Gm                   C
There is spring in the air once again
F                         Dm     F
Dring to the sound of the song parade
         Bb                 Gm
There is music and love eveywhere

Gm                         C
Give a little love (love) to me, I want it
Gm                             C
Take a little love (love) from me
I wanna share it  with you
F  Bb  A  Dm  Gm  C  Bb
I feel like a millionaire
Once we were mad, we were happy we spent all our days
          Bb    F                Dm  C    Bb   A
holding hands together, do you remeember, my love
How we danced
       A           Dm       A
And played, in the rain we laid
         Dm    G
We could stay there
   C        F
Forever and ever

Fm                       C                Ab                       Db
Now I am sad, you are so far away, I sit counting the hours day by day
Db   Cm     Bbm       Fm            Cm    Fm           Cm
Come back to me how I long for your love, come back to me
Fm            Eb         Eb
Be happy like we used to be
Fm  C  F  Bb  Bb  Eb  Bb
Bb                      Eb    Bb                       Eb
   Come back, come back to me, come back, come back to me
G  Cm  Gbdim  Eb
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